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Listen: Threats fail to curb student boycotts of Israel

Fight for divestment continues at University of Minnesota, student funds threatened over divestment at Vassar and a Zionist group seeks to ban SJPs in New York City.

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Israeli ex-soldier accused in assault on Columbia students

Recent events have left Arab and Muslim students wondering if the prestigious New York university is safe for them.

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Listen: Student organizing pays off in divestment victories in Chicago and Florida

Florida students bypass veto of divestment resolution as student-led campaign grows.

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From US to UK, the crackdown on speech about Palestine intensifies

Law firm’s withdrawal of funds from Harvard is latest example of growing anti-Palestinian censorship.

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Congress encouraging US states to “combat BDS”

Pro-Israel bills would seek to authorize violations of US constitutional rights.

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UCLA student groups face funding cuts over Israel divestment

Expanding climate of repression has a direct chilling effect on students.

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