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Anti-BDS provision signed by Obama won’t stop this movement

Josh Ruebner 2 July 2015

Measure attached to trade bill passed by Congress has less teeth than Israel lobby thinks.

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Why does UN hire G4S, accomplice to Israeli torture?

Ryvka Barnard and Riya Hassan 2 July 2015

Contracts worth millions have been signed between the British security firm and several UN agencies.

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Why I painted a rainbow flag on Israel’s apartheid wall

Khaled Jarrar 2 July 2015

Artist sought to spark debate with controversial mural.

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When will Dad come back?

Refaat Alareer 2 July 2015

Israel made sure that a father would never see his children again.

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Palestinian cinema thrives in London despite festival demise

Sarah Irving 2 July 2015

Funders of the London Palestine Film Festival are keeping mum about why its organizers no longer have enough money. 

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Well-known BBC presenter hints Israel may be underdog

Amena Saleem 2 July 2015

Newsnight’s Evan Davis ignores the occupation while interviewing prominent Israelis. 

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Israel arrests Palestinian archbishop during protest against church takeover

Patrick Strickland 1 July 2015

Dozens of Palestinians imprisoned on “secret evidence” are boycotting Israel’s military courts, according to a rights group.

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Boycott-hit Orange may dump Israeli partner by mid-2017

Ali Abunimah 1 July 2015

Palestine rights campaigners in Egypt and France welcome announcement, but say boycott must continue.

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Video: Israelis use electric stun guns on Gaza flotilla passengers

Ali Abunimah 1 July 2015

More than two days after their abduction at sea, 14 of 18 passengers remain in Israeli prison.

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US church votes by landslide to divest from Israeli occupation

Ali Abunimah 30 June 2015

Vote by United Church of Christ sends powerful signal to the “oppressed,” says Palestinian pastor Mitri Raheb.

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