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Palestinian teacher who survived Israeli attacks on Gaza dies in Ankara blast

Sarah Irving 11 October 2015

Ahmed al-Khaldi from Gaza’s Jabaliya refugee camp had moved to Turkey to teach and study.

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Palestinian youth was unarmed when killed by Israel, new video confirms

Ali Abunimah 11 October 2015

“You are going to die!” Israeli mob told Palestinian youth before he was shot

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Israel kills toddler and pregnant mother in Gaza

Ali Abunimah 11 October 2015

Since the start of October, Israeli forces have killed 23 Palestinians and injured 1,100.

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Palestinian lives don’t matter to US media

Rania Khalek 9 October 2015

With complicity from US media outlets, Israeli leaders are lighting the match for the next lynching.

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The Month in Pictures: September 2015

9 October 2015

A monthly roundup of photographs documenting Palestine, Palestinian life, politics and culture, and international solidarity with Palestine.

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Israel kills six in Gaza, tear gasses funeral tent in Jerusalem

Nora Barrows-Friedman 9 October 2015

Across the occupied West Bank, Gaza and present-day Israel, seven Palestinians were killed and more than 100 injured on Friday alone.

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Israel’s high court champions revenge against Palestinian families

Charlotte Silver 9 October 2015

While supposedly Israel’s most liberal institution, the high court has championed Israel’s punitive demolition of the homes of the families of accused Palestinians.

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Video: Israeli soldiers protect settlers as they attack Palestinians

Charlotte Silver 8 October 2015

Footage captures an Israeli settler helping a soldier load tear gas canisters into his launcher.

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Israel tore Fadi Alloun’s family apart; then it killed him

Budour Youssef Hassan Jerusalem 8 October 2015

The mother of a teenager slain by Israel on Sunday was banned from reuniting with him and his father in Jerusalem.

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Palestinian free speech champion forcibly disappeared in Syria

Maureen Clare Murphy 7 October 2015

Software developer Bassel Khartabil was subjected to weeks of torture.

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