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Why is Benjamin Netanyahu trying to whitewash Hitler?

Ali Abunimah 21 October 2015

The Israeli prime minister tries to blame Palestinians for the Holocaust and erase the memory of Zionism’s collaboration with Hitler.

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BBC implies Palestinian dead are Israeli

Amena Saleem 20 October 2015

On the Today program, “around 50 dead” implied to be Israeli when vast majority are Palestinian.

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Israeli soldiers kill two teens in Hebron

Charlotte Silver 20 October 2015

Five Palestinians were killed on Tuesday as UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon arrived in effort to “ease tensions.”

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Palestinian duo win major art prize

Brightly-lit room with collage of photographs on walls
Sarah Irving 20 October 2015

Basel Abbas and Ruanne Abou-Rahme’s work is often dystopian.

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Palestinian woman dies after tear gas inhalation as settlers seize homes

Charlotte Silver 20 October 2015

Israel has a range of harsh punishments only used against Palestinians.

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The elusive path to a one-state solution

Antony Loewenstein 19 October 2015

The death of the two-state solution for Israel and Palestine has been a long time coming.

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Israeli mob attacks dying Eritrean refugee after soldier is killed

Rania Khalek 19 October 2015

Gag order bans media from reporting identity of bus station gunman. 

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Video: Did Israeli soldier plant knife on teen killed by settler?

Ali Abunimah 17 October 2015

Three more Palestinians – all teenagers – were killed by Israeli occupation forces on Saturday.

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Obama backs Israel as 5 more Palestinians are killed

Charlotte Silver 16 October 2015

Israeli police say Palestinian woman shot as “terrorist” may have suffered from mental health issues.

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Outlawing Israel boycott in Europe revealed as key AIPAC goal

David Cronin 16 October 2015

A team of 10 lobbyists has worked to ensure that an EU-US trade accord halts the boycott of Israel. 

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