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Judge clears way for Steven Salaita lawsuit over Gaza-tweets firing

Ali Abunimah 6 August 2015

Meanwhile, Chancellor Phyllis Wise, a key figure in Salaita’s firing, announces surprise resignation.

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Will US come to Palestinian Authority’s aid in “anti-terrorism” case?

Charlotte Silver 6 August 2015

The US government has signaled that it may request delays to financial penalties imposed on the Palestinian Authority by a New York court. 

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Game over for Labour Friends of Israel?

David Cronin 5 August 2015

Israel supporters are waging a smear campaign against Jeremy Corbyn, the likely next leader of the UK Labour Party. 

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Greek forces to train in Israel as Syriza-led government deepens alliance

Ali Abunimah 5 August 2015

Last month, Israeli helicopter pilots completed an unprecedented 11-day combat training exercise near Greece’s Mount Olympus.

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The Month in Pictures: July 2015

4 August 2015

A monthly roundup of photographs documenting Palestine, Palestinian life, politics and culture, and international solidarity with Palestine.

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Israeli high court rejects petition to free hunger-striking prisoner

Maureen Clare Murphy 4 August 2015

Several Palestinian prisoners are refusing food despite new Israeli law that permits force-feeding of hunger strikers.

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Chicago’s Jesus Garcia slams attempt to thwart boycott of Israel

Ali Abunimah 4 August 2015

“One sided” resolution passed with no debate leaves out Palestinian rights.

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Israeli general prefers Iran to nuke Tel Aviv than to allow Palestinian state

Ali Abunimah 4 August 2015

Major-General Gershon Hacohen’s comments are indicator of rising religious fanaticism at heart of Israeli state.

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Locarno film festival rebrands in attempt to duck Israel boycott

Sarah Irving 4 August 2015

Filmmakers remain committed to a boycott due to the festival’s partnership with an Israeli state-sponsored institution.

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Fear and self-loathing in Gaza

Selma Dabbagh 3 August 2015

Ahmed Masoud’s novel displays sensitivity while portraying a Palestinian who betrays his own people.

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