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Palestine Waqf Fund Launched in SA

The Palestine Waqf Fund or Waqf al Quds is a special designated and dedicated fund established by the national Awqaf Foundation of South Africa (Awqaf SA). It is envisaged that the waqf will benefit and address the needs of both present and future generations of Palestinian people. Waqf (pl Awqaf) is an Islamic Charitable Endowment created voluntarily in perpetuity by ...

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Palestinians unveil gift of giant Mandela statue donated by the city of Johannesburg

PALESTINIANS on April 26th inaugurated a giant statue of Nelson Mandela donated by the South African city of Johannesburg to their political capital in the Israeli-occupied West Bank. The six-metre two-tonne bronze statue was a gift from Johannesburg with which Ramallah is twinned. “I think that Nelson Mandela himself would have been extremely proud of what has been done today,” ...

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To Host Peres Is to Welcome Racism and War Criminals Rolled In One

At a time when South Africa is grappling with the demon of racism, one expects that greater sensitivity will be displayed by the beneficiaries of apartheid towards its victims. Instead we find that individuals and groups of diehard racists keep emerging to inflict pain and humiliation upon this country’s black majority. Reversal of the degradation of decades of oppression, is not always ...

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The End Justifies the Means

By Quanita Diaz – 9 April 2015 The world and sporting fraternities took a stand against Apartheid South Africa which lead to a sports ban. 1970 was a bad year for South Africa, depending on which side of the fence you sat, when several motions of exclusion went against the Apartheid Regime. In that year the International Olympic Committee (IOC) formally expelled ...

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Activism in Cycling

By Quanita Diaz Each year cyclists from around the world descend upon the beautiful Cape to partake in the Cape Town Cycle Tour, the largest timed cycled race and an annual event traditionally staged the second Sunday of March. The cyclists have in recent years followed a scenic 109km circular route including Cape Point, Chapman’s Peak and Houtbay before returning ...

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