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Campaigners hail “inspiring” BDS victory as Orange quits Israel

Faced with prospect of mass boycott, French multinational had “no choice” but to end its complicity with Israeli abuses.

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How the Israel boycott movement struck major blows in 2015

Activist successes, despite Israel’s counteroffensive, offer Palestinians hope for 2016.

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In Gaza, the Nakba is ongoing and you can help us end it

Palestinian civil society in Gaza urges escalation of international activisim to hold Israel accountable for its “criminal behavior.”

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Palestinians and the dilemmas of solidarity

The end of the Zionist colonial venture remains the precondition for justice and peace for all the residents of historic Palestine.

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Recognizing Palestine, BDS and the survival of Israel

Moves to “recognize Palestine” and co-opt the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement aim to guarantee Israel’s survival as a racist state.

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From Gaza we say: the outcome of our battle depends on you

“Now, our battle to hold Israel accountable for its fresh war crimes and crimes against humanity has begun,” say Palestinians in Gaza.

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