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In Israel, racism is the winning ballot

 Zionist “left” are as much to blame as the right for racist incitement against Palestinian citizens.

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Wave of oppression targets Palestinians in Israel

Israeli prime minister threatens to strip state’s Palestinians of their citizenship.

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Olive trees burned as anti-Palestinian incitement grips Galilee

Eight Jewish-only communities surrounding Tarshiha have been allocated considerably more resources than its indigenous Palestinians.

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Suha Arraf on her “stateless” Palestinian film

Villa Touma director talks about how the Israeli government tried to use her.

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Israel police brutality remains unchecked 14 years after massacre of Palestinian citizens

The attorney general who ensured there was no accountability for Israeli state violence against protesters in 2000 has now been made a high court judge.

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Palestinians in Israel beaten, arrested for Gaza support

Activists fear an increase in violent anti-Palestinian racism will persist even if Israel’s latest onslaught ends soon.

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