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Pals 4 Peace Tour

The Shamsaan PalS4Peace Tour 19 July to 14 August 2017

The Shamsaan PalS4Peace tour is a South African collaborative initiative hosted by several South African organisations spearheaded by the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation and Awqaf SA.

Shamsaan (meaning 2 Suns in Arabic) is a South African initiated project that promotes arts and culture as a platform for dialogue and social change. 2017 marks 50 years of Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories that violates international law and Palestinian human rights yet mechanisms that maintain and perpetuate this occupation however, remain firmly in place. Children suffer trauma arising from the constant conflict that surrounds them.

The inaugural project, the Shamsaan Palestine’s Children Art calendar profiled 13 young Palestinians aged between 5 and 16 years old. Their triump over adversity is reflected through artwork, photographic portraits and life stories are set against articles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child that should be protecting them. The 2017 Shamsaan Calendar has rallied international support and was translated into Italian, Turkish and Arabic enjoying good sales in several countries. A 2018 calendar will be launched in South Africa during their stay. Messages from renowned struggle stalwart Ahmed Kathrada and UN High Commissioner for Human Rights 2009 -2014 Navi Pillay are included.

The SHAMSAAN PALS4 PEACE TOUR affords the opportunity to some of the profiled Palestinian children to travel and to engage with South Africans nationally over a month – long national tour; to educate and provide a deeper understanding of the Palestinian condition and to build relationships with South African youth.

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National Programme

Johannesburg Programme

Johannesburg Programme

30/07/2017 Thursday

08:30am-11:00am Apartheid Musuem Tour – Address: Northern Park Way and Gold Reef Rd

11:15am-11:30am Hector Peterson Museum – Tour and wreath laying  – 8287 Khumalo Rd, Orlando West, Johannesburg

13:00-15:30 Ahmed Kathrada Foundation (AKF) – Lunch                                                                                     Veteren/Youth interaction – Stalwarts of the Struggle meeting with the kids to exchange stories of the struggle and youth activist sharing with each other – 6 Guinea Fowl St, Lenasia, 1821

KZN Programme

KZN Programme

Cape Town Programme

Cape Town Programme

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Day 2

Day 3


Day 4

19:00pm Exhibition of Art work  – Al Iklaas Library, Islamia Gallery

19:20pm Screening of Radiance of Resistance Documentary

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Day 5

Day 6


Day 7


Radiance of Résistance – Documentary Screening

Radiance of Résistance tells the story of Janna Ayyad 9 years old, and Ahed Tamimi 14 years old that live under military occupation in Nabi Saleh, Palestine. Janna Ayyad has been called the youngest journalist in Palestine. Ahed won the Handala Courage Award from Turkey when she was 13 and met with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. This film will take an intimate look at their everyday lives and their importance as the new generation of Palestinian non-violent resistance.

Screen date:

8 August 2017, CT, Islamia




JANNA AYYAD JIHAD aged 11 is a foremost child’s voice of contemporary Palestine and is a social media star who receives global attention with a strong social media following. At just 8 years old she began recording videos of clashes that have always been a part of her life and is called Palestine’s youngest journalist. Her facebook page includes several videos of her participating in demonstrations along with other children and confronting Israeli soldiers. Her reports are delivered in both Arabic and English and are forging paths of understanding and compassion in international solidarity. “My camera is my gun,” Janna explains. “But the camera is stronger than the gun… I can send my message to small people, and they can send it to others so the whole world can learn the truth about Palestine.” In March 2017, Janna was awarded an International Benevolence Award in Istanbul, Turkey.

AHED TAMIMI aged 16 who lives in a small Palestinian farming village, Nabi Saleh, is engaged in non-violent protest action and according to NBC News, is the ‘poster child of the Palestinians’.

Since 2009, village residents have marched every Friday to protest against the continuing expansion of the settlement of Halamish on privately owned Palestinian land, settler attacks and take-over of their village spring. The Israeli army has countered these marches with tear gas, rubber coated steel bullets, and live ammunition resulting in injuries and deaths.

Ahed was awarded the Handala Courage Award by the Basaksehir Municipality in Turkey in 2013 and is the daughter of Nariman Tamimi and Bassem Tamimi who are prominent activists in the popular resistance.

Her “fame” began in 2012 when a video went viral showing her confrontation with soldiers twice her size. Ahed’s growing social media following has made her a target of pro-Israel activists who nick-named her “Shirley Temple” of ‘Pallywood’ (‘the Palestinian national film industry with ‘militant’ journalists and street actors produce staged news as propaganda’).

Video clips of AHED TAMIMI


MUHAMMAD NAWAJAH is a 12 year old boy from the village of Sussiya in the South Hebron Hills where he lives with 55 other families in tents as their village was demolished. Repeated expulsions faced at the hands of Israeli authorities and settlers started in the 1980s, when they were first forcibly removed from their ancestral village, where Israel has set up an archaeological site and an Israeli settlement ironically called Sussiya.

They live under harsh conditions; having suffered repeated demolition orders of eviction without any infrastructure and are deprived of water and electricity.

Mohammed’s grandfather is the chairman of the Village Council and he is determined to study and has three considerations for his future career that is aimed at supporting his community. These are: to be a translator, to explore languages that equip his communication with the international world; to be a doctor and save the lives of Palestinians in precarious circumstances; or a journalist so he can report on the fear, deprivation and the terrible injustice Palestinians endure.

VIDEO: Carte Blanche SA settlers in Sussiya – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHP_KS5FenU Read Blog – http://azvsas.blogspot.co.za/2012/07/south-african-afrikaaner-settlers.html

Read more on Sussiya and the Nawajah family – http://www.clairethomasphotography.com/the-story-of-susiya/

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 Images below are of some of the children visiting

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