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Palestine Waqf Fund Launched in SA

The Palestine Waqf Fund or Waqf al Quds is a special designated and dedicated fund established by the national Awqaf Foundation of South Africa (Awqaf SA).

It is envisaged that the waqf will benefit and address the needs of both present and future generations of Palestinian people.

Waqf (pl Awqaf) is an Islamic Charitable Endowment created voluntarily in perpetuity by donors purely for the pleasure of Allah out of their generosity and feelings of goodwill to benefit charitable, religious, or humanitarian causes.

Projects that The Palestine Waqf will fund through our partners on the ground that will benefit, inter alia, children, orphans, women, families, communities

• Education
• Art & Culture
• Healthcare
• Home furnishing
• Infrastructure
• Water, sanitation & electricity
• Economic empowerment
• The Palestine Museum, Cape Town.

Awqaf SA at the Al Quds Conference in Turkey