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Mass Rally in Durban – 17 August

MassRallyPalestinian activists and supporters want the South African government to take action against the Israeli government. Recalling the South African ambassador from Tel Aviv and expelling the Israeli ambassador from South Africa is the demand. A further call on government is to cut economic, academic and cultural ties with Israel.

The PSF sees the actions of Israel similar to the apartheid government of South Africa, except the apartheid government never resorted to bombing and shelling innocent civilians with sophisticated weaponry. The death and destruction of the people of Gaza is disproportionate and the international community including South Africans must continue to pressure Israel, just as pressure was brought to bear on our apartheid past.

Ronnie Kasrils and Shaka Sisulu and other leaders will address the rally and encourage the public to take on another struggle to end apartheid in Israel. As South Africans who have experienced the brutality of apartheid, we would need to ensure that no one else around the world should ever endure such brutality. The scale of destruction meted out to civilians especially women and children is unprecedented.

Citizens of Durban and KZN have a deep sense of compassion for the residents of Gaza and we believe that this rally will galvanise support for the cause. We are calling all freedom loving citizens to be present.

Please join us in a Mass Rally for Palestine – details on the attached. Members from all faiths, cultures, areas welcome – this is not a religious event.

Please forward out to family and friends and come and show support and solidarity for the people of Palestine.

Click here for the Facebook event to stay up to date with the latest info.

Kind Regards
The KZN PSF team