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Despatches to my Gazan Son

Cahit Koytak 8 July 2015

Excerpts from Turkish poet’s 50-page poem written during 2008-09 Gaza massacre.

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One year later, Gaza rebuilding blocked

Charlotte Silver 8 July 2015

A year after Israel’s massive military assault on Gaza there is no accountability and no safety.

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The Month in Pictures: June 2015

8 July 2015

A monthly roundup of photographs documenting Palestine, Palestinian life, politics and culture, and international solidarity with Palestine.

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AP corrects story falsely claiming homosexuality is illegal for Palestinians

Ali Abunimah 7 July 2015

Israel’s pinkwashing leads to many distortions about legal status of homosexuality in Palestine, Jordan.

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Injured woman forced to strip recalls horror of Israel’s Gaza war

Charlotte Silver Gaza Strip 7 July 2015

Majda Khuday was badly injured and denied medical treatment for days.

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US protestant churches not yet won over to divestment

Ryan Rodrick Beiler 6 July 2015

United Church of Christ divestment victory not repeated at Mennonite and Episcopal gatherings.

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Our son died confronting occupation, teen’s family insist

Budour Youssef Hassan 6 July 2015

Muhammad al-Kasbeh was the third of his mother’s children to be killed by Israeli occupation forces.

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The intifada’s lasting injuries

Mohammad Alhaj 6 July 2015

Tens of thousands of Palestinians have been wounded by the Israeli military.

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Protests close four factories owned by Israeli arms firm Elbit

Hilary Aked 6 July 2015

Activists in the UK and Australia have shut down several parts factories, including one which makes engines used in deadly drones.

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Anti-BDS provision signed by Obama won’t stop this movement

Josh Ruebner 2 July 2015

Measure attached to trade bill passed by Congress has less teeth than Israel lobby thinks.

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