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Listen: Israel’s massacres can’t be erased, says poet Remi Kanazi

Nora Barrows-Friedman 22 September 2015

Remi Kanazi connects struggles of Black people in US with the Palestinian quest for justice. 

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Video: Palestinian woman shot, left to bleed by Israeli soldiers

Ali Abunimah 22 September 2015

Hadil Hashlamoun was shot at a checkpoint in Hebron.

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Why did UN erase 1,000 years of Palestinian heritage?

Sarah Irving 22 September 2015

Campaigners are demanding that UNESCO acknowledge that Palestinians lived in one of its world heritage sites. 

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Palestinian women artists to dominate London’s fall arts scene

Sarah Irving 21 September 2015

Exhibitions and concerts by Emily Jacir, Jumana Manna and Reem Kelani will thrill London audiences.

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Hunger-striking journalist held in isolation by Israel

Maureen Clare Murphy 21 September 2015

Nidal Abu Aker is one of several Palestinians entering a second month of refusing food.

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Israelis celebrate video of sniper shooting Palestinian youth

Ali Abunimah 21 September 2015

Israel to expand use of snipers to occupied East Jerusalem and to its own Palestinian citizens.

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Has the Israel lobby really lost its mojo?

Josh Ruebner 21 September 2015

Despite tensions on Iran, Benjamin Netanyahu will collect a check for more military aid to Israel when he visits Washington in November.

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Did Palestinian Authority help undermine Israel boycott in Iceland?

Ali Abunimah 20 September 2015

Effort to limit boycott to settlement goods comes after storm of protest and implied threats from anti-Palestinian groups

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Pharrell Williams can’t avoid Palestine protest in South Africa, judge rules

Ali Abunimah 19 September 2015

Court throws out limit on protest against pop singer’s collaboration with Woolworths, a retailer that stocks Israeli goods.

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Has Canada’s love affair with Israel reached its climax?

Yves Engler 18 September 2015

Palestine solidarity activists have proven they can exert pressure on Canadian politicians.

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