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Typhoid cases triple in Yarmouk refugee camp

Patrick Strickland 21 August 2015

Nearly 3,000 Palestinians have died throughout more than four years of uprising in Syria, according to rights group. 

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Watch: Skateboards bring joy to lives blighted by occupation

Sarah Irving 21 August 2015

West Bank has four skate parks — with one more on the way. 

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Gaza artist names deeply personal show after youngest daughter

Sarah Irving 21 August 2015

Shafik Radwan says the constant presence of faces in his work is unintentional. 

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Why has there been almost no reconstruction in Gaza?

Ali Abunimah 20 August 2015

Onerous Israeli restrictions leave Gaza unable to rise from war’s ruins, Israeli group says.

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Typhoid hits Palestinian refugee camp in Syria

Patrick Strickland 19 August 2015

Eleven cases confirmed in besieged Yarmouk camp, says United Nations.

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Israel freezes detention of hunger striker after MRI shows brain damage

Maureen Clare Murphy 19 August 2015

Hospital director says it is still unclear whether Muhammad Allan suffered irreversible harm.

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It is not “anti-Semitic” to boycott Matisyahu

Ali Abunimah 19 August 2015

American Jewish singer has long record of supporting anti-Palestinian positions and organizations.

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Bereaved Palestinian father fights for justice in US

Rania Khalek 19 August 2015

Siam Nuwara “cannot live while the soldier who murdered my son is free to frolic around the beach in Tel Aviv.”

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4 reasons the “anti-Semitism” attacks on Jeremy Corbyn are dishonest

Asa Winstanley 19 August 2015

The UK’s Israel lobby has led dishonest attacks on Jeremy Corbyn, the front-runner in the Labour leadership election.

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Palestinian liberation is “key matter of our time,” say Black leaders

18 August 2015

Cornel West, Angela Davis and Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors among 1,000 historic call for solidarity, joint struggle.

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