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Israel arrests Palestinian archbishop during protest against church takeover

Patrick Strickland 1 July 2015

Dozens of Palestinians imprisoned on “secret evidence” are boycotting Israel’s military courts, according to a rights group.

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Boycott-hit Orange may dump Israeli partner by mid-2017

Ali Abunimah 1 July 2015

Palestine rights campaigners in Egypt and France welcome announcement, but say boycott must continue.

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Video: Israelis use electric stun guns on Gaza flotilla passengers

Ali Abunimah 1 July 2015

More than two days after their abduction at sea, 14 of 18 passengers remain in Israeli prison.

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US church votes by landslide to divest from Israeli occupation

Ali Abunimah 30 June 2015

Vote by United Church of Christ sends powerful signal to the “oppressed,” says Palestinian pastor Mitri Raheb.

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An amusing satire of the peace industry

Greg Shupak 30 June 2015

Dancing Arabs demolishes the myth that Jewish and Palestinian citizens of Israel enjoy equality.

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Israel tops explosive killers’ list

Rania Khalek 30 June 2015

Gaza was the third most dangerous place to be a civilian in 2014 due to Israel’s summertime bombing campaign.

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Video: Activists heckle Israeli ambassador at Berlin gay pride march

Adri Nieuwhof 29 June 2015

“2,300 dead in Gaza, You can’t pinkwash this,” say activists.

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Prominent anthropologists join academic boycott of Israel

Sarah Irving 29 June 2015

A series of blogs by eminent academics is a valuable resource for boycott campaigners.

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Khader Adnan is starving for freedom again

While concerned for his health, Adnan’s family supports his decision to go on hunger strike and is confident he will emerge victorious.

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The Month in Pictures: May 2015

A monthly roundup of photographs documenting Palestine, Palestinian life, politics and culture, and international solidarity with Palestine.

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