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Awqaf SA Charity Cycle Challenge


The Ammarah Paramedic Bursary Fund 

  • formed in memory of the Late Ammarah Khan, who selflessly dedicated her short life to the service of mankind.
  • She pursued a career as a paramedic and was involved in the CPR-AED project.
  • The contributions collected are capitalised in a waqf (endowment fund) and only the income generated from this fund will be used to provide CPR training to underprivileged communities and contribute to fund part of the bursaries for students that cannot afford to study for their degrees.
  • Thus far 3 students are funded for their degreed studies to become paramedics and there is an opportunity to fund 10 more students if the required funding is raised.

Shamsaan Children’s Fund 

  • Shamsaan project has been formed to focus on children’s human rights focusing on the right to education and basic living standards both in South Africa and other trouble areas on the African continent and across the globe.  Shamsaan (meaning “two suns”) inspired by a 5 year old Ahmad Dawabsheh, brings the expression of children, their life experiences, fears, sorrows, joys, sense of identity, beliefs, hopes and dreams, in a safe environment – through art and pictures in a universal visual language and through writings, as they are seen but seldom heard.
  • It was initiated through a visit to display art in Palestine by the Children from South Africa, which was lost in transit leading to a collaborative project between South Africans and Palestinians to bring the children from different areas of Palestine and do an art workshop which has realised art, photographs and writings from children which is inspiring despite their great adversities.
  • The net contributions for the  charity cycle challenge will be capitalised into a waqf (endowment fund) and only the income generated from this fund will be used to fund projects and awareness of the plight of these children and assist continuously to realise some of the hopes and dreams of children wherever there is a need.

2017 Photo highlights


Those that want to join the charity but unable to support the charity with the recommended registration fee are welcome to contact the coordinator to register and join the charity team by supporting the charity with whatever they can.

Donate using this easy method via Payfast: click here

Those that do not want to pay via debit/credit card and want to support the course with a different amount can do an EFT to the following bank account:
Awqaf SA
NEDBANK 1469053934
BR CODE 198765
Ref: CELL/NAME/94.7/(state the project)
1. Shamsaan
2. Ammarah Paramedic

Thereafter email the following details to cycle@awqafsa.org.za

1. Name and Surname
2. ID Number
3. Top Size
4. Charity Project you supporting