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Activism in Cycling

By Quanita Diaz

Each year cyclists from around the world descend upon the beautiful Cape to partake in the Cape Town Cycle Tour, the largest timed cycled race and an annual event traditionally staged the second Sunday of March. The cyclists have in recent years followed a scenic 109km circular route including Cape Point, Chapman’s Peak and Houtbay before returning to Cape Town Stadium.

In 2009 the tour stopped at 16:30 due to strong winds of up to 100km/h that blew cyclists off their bicycles. This year the route has been reduced to 47km due to a raging inferno that has engulfed the Cape Mountains. For the safety of the cyclists the organisers have decided to reduce the length of the race.

Visibility is essential in raising awareness and the Cycle Tour has in the past seen various organisations participating in aid of numerous causes. This year 90 cyclists from South Africa have signed up under Team Palestine.

Team Palestine is a recently formed cycling team in South Africa that aims to raise funds for the Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF) as well as wishing to highlight the atrocities meted upon the indigenous of Palestine on a daily basis.