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Palestine in Motion

By Quanita Diaz – 08 March 2015

With nearly 35000 race entries, a colourful river of cyclists filled the streets to start the 38th Cape Town Cycle Tour 2015. Many cyclists sported corporate-sponsored attire whereas other cyclists were kitted out in charitable organisation attire or awareness raising attire.

Kwadukuza Cycling Club hails from Stanga, KwaZulu-Natal. Clothed in Free Palestine attire were team members Mohammed Hoosen, Fahiem Hoosen and Faizel Badroodeen who finished their third Tour in 1h42m. Another team member Shiraz Tayob finished just 10 minutes subsequently in 1h52m and when asked the amount of Tours he entered, he wittily replied, “It is my second, actually one and a half” referring to the shortened route. Mr Tayob said that the purpose of dressing in the attire is in support of brothers in Palestine. It was Kwadukuza’s first Cape Town Cycle Tour kitted out in Palestine attire but third race overall. The message they want to expound on is for Palestine to be free and they highlighted the support they received from other cyclists during the race as well.

Another Pro-Palestinian team, Team Palestine entered a sizeable group in the Charity category. A member Ms Fredericks mentioned the support they received from fellow cyclists as well as that of Cape Town with Palestinian supporters waving the flag scattered along the route. Fahiem Alie, an ardent mountain biker, chose to cycle in his first Cycle Tour in Team Palestine colours as a supporter of the team. “They (South Africans) do not understand the oppression going on there”, Mr Allie said and states this as the reason he wants to create awareness.